Hello and welcome! I am Mel, or Melanie when I am in trouble! I have a husband and two small people who I strive to keep alive daily. However, I feel as they grow, I am becoming less and less vital for that basic survival! Something about raising self-sufficient children – thus making my stay at home mum gig somewhat redundant. Anyway, I realised I needed to grow up at some point and do something with my life.

Now, on paper I am officially a primary school teacher and a social worker. In my heart, I am an artist who paints anything I can get my hands on. I love painting through the night, I hate mornings, I survive on a diet of coffee and I absolutely detest editing art for hours and hours at a time. Especially when the editing process takes longer than the original artwork did. This happens all the time!

Art is my grounding. My goal within my art is that it just makes people smile. That people enjoy it. This is a challenge for me as I am so self-conscious when I show art to people because it’s like exposing you heart and soul to the world. I would say it’s as scary as being naked for me. When people like it, it’s surprising! It’s such an honour when people buy my art for their homes. it’s a privilege and I am humbled that you chose my piece to hang in your home.

I would love children to see my pieces and to be challenged to think outside the box and be inspired creatively. There is no wrong in art and I want children to see that! There are no rules and there are no boundaries. You can be anything in art and do anything. I hate hearing people say ‘I’m not creative’, especially children. Everyone is born creative, we just unlearn it out of fear of being ‘wrong’. Don’t do that! Don’t be that person. Be brave enough to risk being wrong, you might be surprised and you could do something amazing.

I personally really love whimsy art and things a little left of centre. Maybe it’s a little of me coming out. I get told often ‘You’re just arty’ or ‘quirky’, whatever that is supposed to mean. Anyway, most of my art, at the moment, is slightly whimsy. I also have this obsession with watercolours. I go through phases of themes and mediums. This is subject to change with no prior warning. I like to keep you on your toes I guess.

Anyway, if you made it this far through my dribble, you deserve a big high 5! Thanks so much for stopping over here and hearing a little about what I do and why. I’m always happy for feedback and open to ideas, although I make no promises!

Do something creative today, you might surprise yourself.

Peace out,