Welcome! If you are here, I hope it’s not by accident but I am presuming that you want to know my why! Why art? Why paint all the things? Why watercolours? So I guess you deserve an explanation.

My name is Mel and I like to paint is the short of it. Art helps me live. Art helps me understand my world. Art helps me see things. Art helps me feel… well, I guess I’m a little ok at it too.

I have been painting for at least half of my life. I never took art at school and I never was any good at it. Art is something I have accidentally learnt along the way. A little bit of obsession and determination and a heck of a lot of practice is how I got to where I am today. I’m not where I want to be yet but I’m on my way. But if I’m honest, I don’t even know where the final destination is as the goal keeps getting bigger and the finish line keeps moving on me.

I started selling prints mostly for children’s spaces, inspired by my own children and a heck of a lot of amazing kids room on social media. As I decorated my children’s spaces I found that I wasn’t really into the art that was trending, so I made my own. It was humble beginnings and I fumbled my way through. I had a set of student 6 colour watercolours and chose them because they were easy to travel with and to clean up when I was done for the day. Little did I know that they are one of the more challenging mediums for me in my practice. In this moment, being naive was of benefit to me. look back on those beginnings and I cringe at what I created but I’m grateful for the journey.

I eventually realised I needed some more training and so I anxiously joined my local art school and I started learning more mediums and techniques. I had not done formal art classes since I was in grade 8 in high school and a few casual art classes in my 20s. My drawing skills improved and I fell more in love with watercolours as I learnt other mediums and realised just how challenging watercolour is. Now, I’ve been at the same art school for four years and attend today for the input of other artists and to be apart of a community of like minded people.

So where am I headed? Your guess is as good as mine! This journey keeps evolving and the projects just keep getting bigger and bigger. I just want to make beautiful pieces of paper that one day will dissolve to dust when they aren’t needed anymore. I want to capture people and movement in a watery mess that looks accidentally intentional. Maybe one day My name might appear in a competition, or maybe I’ll do a portrait for you. Who knows. This world is a crazy place and art is the only way to make sense of it.