Children’s Craft Ideas

Many of you may know that I have an art and craft OBSESSED child who is a little on the spectrum. She lives and breathes crafts. However, she also has some hard core obsessive practices. One of these being an extreme deterance against plastics and non recyclable materials. I am super proud how environmentally conscious she is as we need to be raising kids who are less wasteful than we have been! So I’m wanting to create craft, there is SO much out there for kids… but not a great deal that don’t involve plastics and are made completely from materials around the home and the occasional opp shop bargain. But to achieve something with limited, eco friendly resources that actually looks decent and would actually look good hanging on the wall…. Well…. this is the challenge.

So brace yourself, I am venturing on a crafty project with my small humans to create easy eco friendly crafts that isn’t creating more crap clogging up our environment. Will you join me. We will win some and lose some and that’s ok. We would love to see what you create. Please tag us in anything on our socials that you have made from our blog ideas. Or share with us anything you can think of that we could create. We would love your input.

Let’s help our kids think about the sustainability of our environment while being creative and innovative. Let’s build community.

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