Why Art?

I recently had a piece of art submitted into an art exhibition in the art school I attend. The art was from 5yr olds through to 85yrs and total novices to professionals. In submitting we had to write a little about our why art. To give people, many non artys, insight as to why.

This task was so tough for me. My why…. my why is everything. It’s who I am. How do I say that In just a little paragraph and get out the true magnitude of what art is for me?

I basically said in the end that “Art to me is more than creative expression, it is a necessary to sustain life, like breathing”.

This is the truth for me. Art has made me who I am. It’s gotten me though some dark days. It’s been something to use as a tool to claw back my life. When I don’t do art I start drowning.

Without dragging the mood down too much, when I was a late teen to young adult I ended up in a pretty bad way and spent time in and out of hospital and then 14months in a live in treatment facility to save my life. Literally! It was rough to say the least, a lot of good and a lot of bad happened there and it has since been closed down as a result. However, one of the best parts was that at 20 I started art again since high school. In all the turmoil of my life, the one thing I could do was make things look pretty. I could express what was happening for me and even though people couldn’t see it, I got it all out. Maybe art was all that was missing in those years to start with and if I had that tool in the first place, maybe things wouldn’t have gotten so dire. I don’t know, it’s just an observation.

Art very literally helped me live, helped me feel, express, cope and healed my soul. So that’s why I do art, because I have to!

I am self taught other than the last 6 months I decided to start at the art school to learn some new techniques, which has been super fun meeting other people who get it. They just get it.

Photo is of my gorgeous girl and her piece next to mine in the art school exhibition.

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